The #stop initiative

was created to address the world wide problem with referee abuse. Parents and coaches who have an issue comporting themselves with a cool head and take their aggression out on officials who are often time Youth officials who are themselves learning. This is a problem because it leads to our youth officials quitting after being bullied. With youth officials quitting we are left with a lack of officials and we loose the ability to work with and train them to move to a higher level.


#stop has created a system of guidelines and visual stimulating assets to address this. Our signage is designed to catch the eye and and let people know that they are being held accountable. We have reinforced this by creating a code of conduct that parents and coaches will read and consent to acknowledging that they are being held accountable with the #stop initiative. 

A solution for:

  • Soccer clubs

  • City complexes

  • Competitive clubs

  • Referee groups

  • Or people who just want to make a statement

First, congratulations on taking a step towards making a positive for the game we love. This website will help you get set up and use the #stop program to its full potential.

You will be receiving a package with all of your #stop visual assets and an email containing a website banner and code of conduct. The website banner needs to put on your clubs website to let everyone who visits your site know that you are a #STOP affiliated club.

Please be sure that all visual assets comply with any club, state, or national standard.

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